UHNWI Marketing Agency

Situated at the epicenter of opulence, The Agency stands as a beacon of unparalleled marketing expertise for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI). Our illustrious presence in the South of France and Monaco underlines our commitment to serving the apex of global affluence with marketing solutions that embody the essence of luxury and exclusivity.

Our services span a comprehensive spectrum, including cutting-edge website design that captivates and engages, dynamic social media management that connects and resonates, strategic Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that positions and amplifies, and branding that defines and distinguishes. By marrying the grandeur of luxury with the forefront of digital marketing innovation, we ensure our offerings not only fulfill but transcend the refined expectations of our elite clientele.

At The Agency, we consider it our paramount duty to transform your vision into a digital exemplar that mirrors the prestige and grandiosity of your brand. Immerse yourself in a realm where the quintessence of luxury is fused with digital marketing prowess, setting a new benchmark for excellence. Welcome to the zenith of marketing, where your brand’s journey is elevated to unprecedented heights.

UHNWI Digital Tactics

At The Agency, our prowess in UHNWI Digital Marketing is grounded in the profound recognition that each Ultra High Net Worth Individual is distinct, unified only by their financial standing. Our strategies are meticulously tailored, transcending generic marketing approaches to engage a diverse clientele, from high-profile American NFL players to discreet European families and opulent Arab royalty.

Data-Driven Insight

We prioritize gaining access to rare and insightful data on UHNWI behaviors and preferences. This invaluable information informs every aspect of our campaigns, enabling us to anticipate needs and craft messages that resonate deeply.

Elite Networking

Leveraging LinkedIn, we target C-suite executives and influential investors, facilitating direct connections through strategic networking.

Family Engagement

Recognizing the influence of family, we tailor campaigns that appeal to the relatives of primary clients, extending our reach within key networks.

Competitor Client Targeting

We strategically target competitors’ clients by offering superior, tailored alternatives that highlight our unique value proposition.

Focused Placements

Our ads appear on carefully selected websites frequented by UHNWIs and their advisors, maximizing visibility and impact.

Geographic Precision

We target the world’s most exclusive zip codes and tax-favorable locations, ensuring our messages reach UHNWIs where they live, work, and play.

Keyword Specificity

Using highly specific and niche keywords, we engage a sophisticated audience in a language they recognize and respond to.

Creative Content

We create exceptional and potentially viral content designed to captivate and engage UHNWIs, ensuring it reaches the right individuals through smart distribution strategies.


From the Founder

Nicolas Saugnac

The Agency represents a collaborative consortium of digital marketing consultants, designers, web developers, and social media managers, each bringing a wealth of experience from tenure at prominent firms and agencies. Our philosophy is centered on providing superior service by focusing our expertise on a select portfolio of clients, thereby ensuring personalized and comprehensive support. Functioning as an integral extension of your business, The Agency offers a full-scale digital marketing department tailored to the needs of enterprises across the spectrum, from burgeoning startups to established corporations aiming to broaden their digital footprint. Our unique composition as a specialized partnership of consultants grants us exceptional versatility and agility, enabling us to adapt swiftly to the dynamic digital landscape and deliver innovative solutions that drive success.


Website Design

Create a powerful experience online for your clients and prospects.


Reach a wider audience and improve your reputation with our PR Services.

design agency monaco


The Agency is a Digital Design Agency in Monaco, specialising in graphic design.


Lynx Yachts

New website creation, social media management and digital marketing for a Dutch Shipyard

Liven Up

Strategic overhaul and optimization of Liven Up socials and website

Cap Ferrat Villas

Digital marketing campaign and social media management for an exclusive luxury collection.

Amico & Co

Digital marketing and content creation for the world’s largest superyacht refit yard.


Crafting the entire digital marketing strategy for the brokerage house TWW in Monaco


Standard rate Card

In an effort to be fully transparent with each of our clients, partner and prospects our rate care is made available to all.  With years of experience in our field, we believe in a full transparency strategy when quoting to large corporations as well as with smaller clients. The Agency takes clients of all sizes, from the largest yacht brokerage houses as well as the smaller brands in the luxury world.  Browse the price of our services, from the initial branding to the rollout of the digital marketing strategy. We also offer special plans for a website built and yacht marketing packages.