Business Case: Liven Up

Background and Challenge: Liven Up, a Monaco-based experience company offering boat rentals, supercar driving experiences, and sightseeing tours, sought to revamp their online presence to increase bookings and overall business growth. To achieve this, they partnered with The Agency, aiming to leverage digital marketing expertise to reach a broader audience and boost their revenue.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Website Revamp: The Agency undertook a complete overhaul of Liven Up’s website. The new design was sleek, user-friendly, and perfectly aligned with the luxury and excitement of the experiences offered by Liven Up.
  2. SEO Optimization: Robust SEO strategies were implemented to enhance the website’s visibility on search engines. This included refining the website content with relevant keywords, optimizing meta tags, and ensuring a mobile-friendly layout.
  3. Backlink Strategy: A targeted backlink strategy was developed, focusing on gaining links from high-authority websites in the tourism and luxury lifestyle sectors to boost the site’s domain authority and search rankings.
  4. Optimized Google Ads: The Agency crafted and ran an optimized Google Ads campaign, targeting keywords related to luxury experiences, boat rentals, and Monaco tourism. The campaign was fine-tuned for different seasons, with a higher budget allocation during the peak summer months.
  5. Social Media: The Agency creates quality content with an original feel and executes a comprehensive social media strategy across each axis of the firm’s services.


  • Following these strategic implementations, Liven Up experienced a significant increase in online visibility and user engagement.
  • The supercar bookings value went up despite the company stopping offering an introduction experience.
  • The company recorded a remarkable 200 bookings increase in the number of boat rentals via the website, with an average rental price close to €2000.
  • Notably, this growth was achieved with an average monthly digital marketing cost of €1000 in the winter and €1500 in the summer, indicating a substantial return on investment.

Conclusion: The partnership between Liven Up and The Agency resulted in a significant business transformation. The website revamp combined with strategic SEO, backlinking, and optimized Google Ads led to a dramatic increase in bookings, particularly for boat rentals, one of their premium offerings. This case illustrates the efficacy of targeted digital marketing strategies in enhancing the online presence and profitability of a luxury experience company like Liven Up and showcases The Agency’s capability to deliver tailored solutions that yield impressive business results.