Monaco Digital Marketing Consultant


Monaco Digital Marketing Consultant

Alena is one of the top qualified digital marketing consultant in Monaco, with a wealth of experience in the luxury world, e-commerce and travel industry. She started her career as an account manager and then led a team of programmers and designers as a project manager, which gave her the opportunity to become an experienced specialist in the field of marketing strategy, SEO, and in the implementation of client’s KPIs. She is highly experienced in the creation of websites and branding developments. She worked with several well-known yachting brands but also has experience in leading fashion, real estate, interior design, and automobile-related projects. Alena is currently getting a second Master’s degree in the field of psychology of consumer behavior, which allows her to take a broader look at the client’s goals and add an invaluable deep understanding to the overall strategy.

Alena's Projects

Alena’s collaboration with The Agency has been a journey of transformative marketing achievements, showcasing her versatility and strategic insight across various high-end sectors. With Dr IV, a leading IV Therapy company, Alena orchestrated a comprehensive rebranding and digital marketing campaign, elevating the brand’s online presence and customer engagement. For FGI Yacht Group, her expertise shone through in the meticulous management of their advertising campaigns, where she skillfully balanced creativity with analytical prowess to drive unparalleled visibility and client interest in the luxury yachting sector. The pinnacle of her achievements was with Amico & Co, where her targeted approach in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) significantly boosted the company’s online visibility, drawing in a high-caliber clientele seeking top-tier shipyard services. Each project under Alena’s guidance with The Agency not only echoed the unique essence of the brands but also set new benchmarks in digital marketing excellence within their respective industries.

FGI Yacht Group

Building a fully integrated digital marketing solution for a brand new company

Dr Iv

A new website for the Monaco based IV Drip Therapy.

Amico & Co

Digital marketing and content creation for the world’s largest superyacht refit yard.

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