A cover in Boat International

Boat International’s recent cover story presents a stunning glimpse into the world of elite yachting with the spotlight on the Superyacht Emerald, a magnificent 50.4m Feadship managed by TWW Yachts. This feature article delves into the exquisite craftsmanship, advanced engineering, and luxurious amenities that set Emerald apart in the yachting world. Highlighting the yacht’s sleek design, innovative features, and sumptuous interiors, the article offers an exclusive tour of this floating masterpiece. It also explores the yacht’s journey, from its conceptualization to its status as a symbol of nautical excellence, showcasing the pinnacle of design and luxury that Feadship is renowned for. This cover photo captured by Julien is a tribute to the artistry and expertise behind creating one of the most impressive superyachts sailing the seas today.