Branding Agency Monaco

Brand Narrative

Positioning your company

Positioning is the cornerstone of your brand, representing your unique stance in the market along with a definitive statement that underpins all your future branding endeavors. We will craft a singular positioning statement about your company, serving as a guiding beacon for all subsequent branding activities, ensuring alignment across your team to a unified outreach message. This positioning statement will be expanded into a descriptive paragraph to elaborate on your market position, detailing your services, offerings, and what sets you apart from the competition. Furthermore, we will weave a compelling brand story, creating a narrative that encapsulates both the tangible and emotional aspects your brand evokes. This narrative aims to inspire an emotional response, acting as the verbal essence of your brand identity. Additionally, we will outline and define a set of brand attributes, offering a succinct yet comprehensive overview of your organization’s character. These attributes will act as a communicative guide for anyone representing your company, ensuring consistency with the overarching brand ethos and providing a strategic foundation for business decisions. Together, these elements will fortify your brand’s positioning, narrative, and identity, clarifying its purpose and meaning.

Visual Identity

Crafting a brand Identity

Our Branding Agency Monaco is dedicated to designing, developing and delivering all aspects of your brand and visual identity, giving a luxurious edge to your product or services. We work together with you from the ground up, building imposing identities for exclusive products. Your visual identity comprises your logo, imagery, typography, colours, and creative design, creating a lasting memory in the minds of your clients. Having a stand out brand and identity is vital to develop trust and connection with your clients.  As a luxury branding agency, we have worked on some of the top yachting and private aviation brands in and around Monaco over the year, including Monair, Monacair, Eminence Yacht, Dotta and Miells & Partners.


The Agency can provide a larger portfolio of branding guidelines created for clients over the years on request only. 

Branding & Design Updates

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1750€ for Visual Branding

To ensure full transparency with our clients, partners, and prospects, we provide open access to our standard rate card. With extensive experience in our industry, we adopt a transparency-first approach in our pricing, catering to both large corporations and smaller clients alike.  Our comprehensive rate card details the pricing for our suite of services, including initial branding, digital marketing strategy development, website creation, and specialized yacht marketing packages. This approach underpins our commitment to transparency across all our engagements.


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Cap Ferrat Villas

Digital marketing campaign and social media management for an exclusive luxury collection.

Amico & Co

Digital marketing and content creation for the world’s largest superyacht refit yard.

Liven Up

Strategic overhaul and optimization of Liven Up socials and website


Crafting the entire digital marketing strategy for the brokerage house TWW in Monaco

Lynx Yachts

New website creation, social media management and digital marketing for a Dutch Shipyard