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In the world of luxury, exclusivity and perception reign supreme. We understand that luxury brands don’t just sell products; they sell dreams, status, and an aspirational lifestyle. Our approach is rooted in this understanding, ensuring that every campaign we craft not only reaches but also captivates the sophisticated audience you desire. Our Partners The Agency has curated a select network of luxury influencers, each with a distinct voice and an engaged following of UHNWIs. These influencers are more than just social media personalities; they are ambassadors of luxury living, with the power to influence trends and purchasing decisions. Our rigorous selection process guarantees that we partner with influencers who align perfectly with your brand’s identity and values, ensuring authenticity and impact.

Strategic Social Campaigns

Elevate your brand to the pinnacle of digital luxury

Our team devises strategic campaigns that blend creativity with market insights, designed to spark conversations and build lasting engagement.We produce and curate content that embodies the essence of luxury, ensuring that every post, story, and video reflects the high standards of your brand. Leveraging advanced analytics and our deep understanding of UHNWI behaviors, we ensure that your campaigns reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right platforms. Beyond reach, our focus is on fostering genuine engagement and driving conversions, turning viewers into loyal patrons of your brand. We provide comprehensive reports detailing campaign performance, insights gained, and recommendations for future strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and ROI.
Luxury influencers


To ensure full transparency with our clients, partners, and prospects, we provide open access to our standard rate card. With extensive experience in our industry, we adopt a transparency-first approach in our pricing, catering to both large corporations and smaller clients alike.  Our comprehensive rate card details the pricing for our suite of services, including initial branding, digital marketing strategy development, website creation, and specialized yacht marketing packages. This approach underpins our commitment to transparency across all our engagements.


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Crafting the entire digital marketing strategy for the brokerage house TWW in Monaco

Liven Up

Strategic overhaul and optimization of Liven Up socials and website

Cap Ferrat Villas

Digital marketing campaign and social media management for an exclusive luxury collection.

Lynx Yachts

New website creation, social media management and digital marketing for a Dutch Shipyard

Amico & Co

Digital marketing and content creation for the world’s largest superyacht refit yard.