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Search Engine Optimisation

The foundation of all web marketing applied to yachting

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy, bringing your website rankings up in Google, for your prospects to find rapidly. Our Luxury SEO Agency will work on researching your market and design a custom strategy, before optimizing your website, on-page and in the backend. After the first increase in visibility, our SEO Agency in Monaco will focus on increasing your backlinking, online reputation, develop new pages or sections to expand your reach.

Search Engine Advertising

Rapidly leverage your yacht marketing efforts

Search Engine Advertising Search Engine Advertising allows to gain visibility immediately. Google offers to promote your site directly to users searching for your services. Google Ads will increase the traffic to your site, increase your conversions as well as improving your SEO performances. Trimming and perfecting ads, researching and targeting audiences, exploring and selecting the most accurate keywords will keep your cost per click as low as possible while providing you with quality leads. The management cost of our consultants is more often than not completely compensated by the lower cost of the clicks they can generate for their clients.
Yacht Search Engine Marketing Monaco


SEO is the backbone of digital marketing, allowing users interested in your products/services to find your directly online. Whether you are looking at promoting products worldwide or a local service, our team has a wealth of experience in improving the rankings on Google.

After defining together a strategy, we will craft a sitemap for the website, targeting the a wide range of keywords for your website to rank on. Our main focus will be to identify the different core group of keywords and separating them into niches, before attributing landing pages to each of these. A technical audit of the website allows our team to comprehensively optimise the website improving your chances of ranking on Google.

Once the first phase of SEO is done, our team focuses on the ongoing optimisation of the pages and aims to identify opportunities to grow the organic traffic of the website. Creating landing pages and backlinking these, in coordination with Google Ads, will contribute to a global lift of the rankings on Google. 

Core to Search Engine Marketing is the creation of optimised landing page to promote a niche product or service. Targeting a set of very specific keywords, landing page allow the website to position itself organically, or paid, on niche high value keywords. 

Creating a landing page means crafting a comprehensive text about the niche keyword, SEO optimised to enhance rankings and lower the cost per click for paid search. Sourcing quality images will contribute to enhance the user experience and increase the trust from the users in the company. Positioning the correct call to actions will help to increase the numbers of leads generated, increasing the conversion rate. The page layout and it’s design need to consider user experience, both on mobile and desktop, delivering information rapidly and facilitating contacts. 

The backbone of SEO is backlinking, it’s what allows Google to differentiate quality websites from not so reputable ones. Inbound links are created when a website links another, giving a certain vote of confidence to the other one to provide correct information to their users. This concept has been at the core of Google since the very beginning. 

Our consultant focus on creating editorial sounding stories about our clients and publish them on high quality blogs, with a strong domain authority. This traditional leverages great results, allowing the company to position itself rapidly on niche queries organically as well as increasing overall rankings. 

We publish backlinks using guest posting on a wide range of websites with domain authority ranging from 20 to 70+, in multiple languages and various niches, such as travel, luxury, real estate, business and fashion. 

While Search Engine optimisation and backlinking can take some time to yield results, paid search allows The Agency to drive traffic immediately to your website and generate immediate results on the short term.

Creating an account,campaigns and first ad groups will be the first step. Our consultants define a strategy with you based on your KPIs, targeting niche keywords as well as organic ones. We will define targeting in terms of:

  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Zip Codes
  • In-Market Interests

Once the account is created and rolling, our team focuses on getting your cost per click as low as possible, ensuring that each conversions costs as little as possible. Each new landing page created will see an associated ad group to target the dedicated niche keywords. 

To support more far reaching campaigns, we also created dedicated display ads to promote specific products to a wider audience, targeting exclusive high quality websites including the likes of YachtWorld and Forbes. 

YouTube is strongly connected to Google, offering an immense reach for companies on the web. Most searches on search engines are usually accompanied with videos, showcasing the best products or services.

Our video editors and content creators specializes in the creation of high end video content, adapted to Youtube. We design custom thumbnails adapted to the companies brand guidelines yet incentivizing the users to click.

Our consultants put an extra effort in the SEO optimisation of the YouTube channel allowing the videos to rank on search engine, bringing additional traffic to the channel.


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