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Search Engine Optimisation

The foundation of all web marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic long-term approach designed to elevate your website’s rankings on Google, facilitating swift discovery by potential clients. Our Luxury SEO Agency is committed to conducting thorough market research and crafting a bespoke strategy tailored to your specific needs. This includes comprehensive optimization of your website, both on-page and within the backend, to enhance initial visibility. Following this initial phase of visibility enhancement, our SEO Agency, based in Monaco, will shift its focus towards augmenting your backlink profile and online reputation. Additionally, we will engage in the development of new pages or sections aimed at broadening your digital footprint, thereby extending your reach and influence within the market.

Search Engine Advertising

Rapidly leverage your yacht marketing efforts

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) presents an expedient avenue to enhance visibility. Google Ads facilitates the direct promotion of your site to users actively searching for your services, serving as a powerful tool to escalate site traffic, amplify conversion rates, and bolster SEO efficacy. Our approach involves meticulous ad optimization, comprehensive audience research, and the strategic selection of the most effective keywords, ensuring that your investment yields high-quality leads while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The expertise of our consultants in managing these campaigns often results in a reduction of cost per click that more than offsets the management fees, thereby providing significant value to our clients through enhanced performance and reduced overall advertising expenditure.
Yacht Search Engine Marketing Monaco


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves as the fundamental pillar of digital marketing, enabling potential customers with an interest in your products or services to discover your online presence directly. Our team, possessing extensive expertise in elevating Google rankings, is adept at enhancing visibility for both global product promotions and local service offerings.

Upon collaboratively establishing a tailored strategy, we will proceed to develop a meticulously structured sitemap for your website, targeting a broad spectrum of keywords to enhance your online visibility. Our primary objective entails the identification and categorization of key phrases into distinct niches, followed by the assignment of dedicated landing pages for each category. Through a comprehensive technical audit, we ensure the strategic optimization of your website, thereby bolstering your prospects of achieving prominent Google rankings.

Following the initial phase of SEO implementation, our focus shifts to the continual optimization of your web pages, with the goal of uncovering avenues to augment the site’s organic traffic. The creation of targeted landing pages, coupled with effective backlinking strategies and synergistic integration with Google Ads campaigns, is instrumental in achieving a cohesive enhancement of your Google rankings.

At the heart of Search Engine Marketing lies the strategic development of optimized landing pages, designed to spotlight a specialized product or service. By honing in on a carefully selected array of highly specific keywords, these landing pages enable a website to achieve organic or paid prominence for high-value, niche keywords.

The creation of a landing page entails the meticulous crafting of content that is both rich in quality and optimized for search engines, aimed at boosting search rankings and reducing the cost per click in paid search initiatives. Incorporating high-quality imagery significantly elevates the user experience, fostering trust in the brand. Strategically placed calls to action are pivotal in augmenting lead generation and improving conversion rates.

Furthermore, the design and layout of the landing page are paramount, necessitating a user-centric approach that ensures optimal performance across devices, including mobile and desktop. This entails the swift delivery of information and the simplification of contact processes, thereby enhancing user engagement and interaction.

At the heart of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lies the strategic practice of backlinking, a crucial mechanism through which Google discerns the credibility of websites. Backlinks, essentially endorsements from one website to another, signal a vote of confidence in the quality and relevance of the content, underscoring its utility to users. This principle has been foundational to Google’s algorithm since its inception.

Our strategy involves the meticulous crafting of editorial-quality narratives centered around our clients, which are then disseminated across blogs of substantial domain authority. This method, rooted in traditional SEO practices, yields significant outcomes, facilitating swift organic visibility for niche queries and enhancing overall search rankings.

We engage in guest posting to create backlinks, targeting a diverse array of websites with domain authorities spanning from 20 to 70+. Our efforts encompass multiple languages and a variety of niches including travel, luxury, real estate, business, and fashion, ensuring a broad yet targeted reach.

While the processes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and backlinking inherently require time to manifest substantial results, paid search advertising offers The Agency the capability to immediately direct traffic to your website, thereby facilitating prompt outcomes in the short term.

The preliminary phase involves setting up an account, initiating campaigns, and establishing initial ad groups. In collaboration with you, our consultants will formulate a strategy aligned with your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), focusing on both niche and broader organic keywords. Our targeting strategy will meticulously define audience segments based on:

Geographic locations (Zip Codes)
In-Market Interests
Following the activation of the account, our priority shifts to optimizing your cost per click (CPC), with the objective of minimizing the expense of each conversion. Subsequent to the creation of each new landing page, we will associate it with a corresponding ad group to specifically target the intended niche keywords.

To amplify the reach of more comprehensive campaigns, we have also developed specialized display ads. These are designed to promote specific products to an extended audience, selectively targeting prestigious and high-quality websites, such as YachtWorld and Forbes, ensuring your brand is positioned amidst premium content.

YouTube, as a subsidiary of Google, provides an unparalleled platform for companies to amplify their presence on the web. It’s well-documented that a significant portion of search engine queries are complemented by video results, highlighting top-tier products and services.

Our team of video editors and content creators excels in producing premium video content tailored specifically for YouTube. We craft custom thumbnails that not only align with your company’s brand guidelines but are also designed to encourage user engagement and clicks.

Moreover, our consultants dedicate meticulous attention to optimizing the SEO of your YouTube channel. This strategic optimization ensures that your videos gain visibility on search engines, thereby driving additional traffic to your channel and enhancing your digital footprint.




€600 per Month

To ensure full transparency with our clients, partners, and prospects, we provide open access to our standard rate card. With extensive experience in our industry, we adopt a transparency-first approach in our pricing, catering to both large corporations and smaller clients alike.  Our comprehensive rate card details the pricing for our suite of services, including initial branding, digital marketing strategy development, website creation, and specialized yacht marketing packages. This approach underpins our commitment to transparency across all our engagements.


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