Business Case: TWW Yachts

Objective: To bolster TWW Yachts’ digital presence, driving sales and charters through comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Background and Challenge: TWW Yachts, a distinguished player in the yachting industry, sought to enhance its digital footprint to elevate sales and charter signings. The Agency was tasked with creating and implementing a holistic digital marketing strategy encompassing website development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and social media management.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Website Development: The Agency built a sophisticated, visually appealing website for TWW Yachts, emphasizing ease of navigation and showcasing their luxurious fleet.
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): A robust SEM strategy was employed, targeting high-net-worth individuals interested in yacht purchases and charters. The strategy included both SEO tactics and paid search advertising to maximize visibility.
  3. Social Media Management: The Agency managed TWW Yachts’ social media channels, crafting engaging content that highlighted the luxury and exclusivity of their offerings, and engaging with potential clients and influencers in the yachting community.


  • The digital marketing efforts led to the successful sale of a 50m explorer superyacht and a Riva 88′, along with a 110′ explorer yacht, directly attributed to the digital marketing strategies.
  • The average sales value of these transactions significantly exceeded the investment in digital marketing, ensuring a highly positive return on investment.
  • Additionally, TWW Yachts saw an increase in charter bookings and new Central Agreements (CAs), including a $2 million sailing yacht, further amplifying their market presence and revenue.

Conclusion: The comprehensive digital marketing approach adopted by The Agency for TWW Yachts yielded exceptional results. The synergy of an optimized website, strategic SEM, and engaging social media content not only facilitated significant yacht sales but also enhanced the company’s charter business and CA portfolio. This case exemplifies the impact of well-rounded digital marketing in the luxury yacht sector and highlights The Agency’s proficiency in delivering tangible business outcomes that far exceed initial investments.