Business Case: Monaco Boats

The Agency started a new venture with a young company in the South of France, The S Collection, creating a niche marketing website to generate leads for yachts and villas on the Riviera. Looking at Monaco Boats in particular the experiment for The S Collection has been fruitful, with Monaco Boats generating enough leads to cover in the first 3 months of activity the entire cost of the website creation and initial SEO effort, as well as the ongoing marketing efforts.

The initial investment, as per our standard prices, is laid out as the following:

  • Website Build: €2,500 EUR
  • Backlinking: 30 Backlinks: €4,500 EUR

Ongoing was mostly running a super simplified Google Ads campaign, with one ad group and a Budget of €300 per month. The total budget for the endeavour rose to about €8,000. In the first three months of collaboration, the S Collection signed around 25-day charter deals, gathering upwards of €9,000EUR of commissions.

Going forward the company will simply have to maintain the SEO optimisation, run slow backlinking campaigns and maintain the Google Ads, for a monthly cost of about €500 EUR monthly during the season and €150 EUR outside of the season. This should maintain profitability on the project and an ROI of 400% going forward.