Experience Marketing on the French Riviera

Liven Up, a distinguished client of The Agency, exemplifies the pinnacle of luxury and adventure on the French Riviera. Founded by Jean-Marc Ayache, whose passion for the Mediterranean, boats, and sports cars drove him to share the allure of the Riviera through sightseeing tours, Liven Up has since evolved into a leader in the tourism industry. Today, it boasts an impressive portfolio including minivan excursions, private yacht charters, and supercar driving experiences, democratizing luxury for all. The Agency is proud to partner with Liven Up, handling their social media and digital marketing efforts. Through our collaboration, we aim to amplify Liven Up’s unique offerings, capturing the essence of their exceptional services and crafting moments that resonate. Our strategic approach in digital storytelling and targeted marketing initiatives showcases Liven Up’s commitment to creating unforgettable experiences, whether for personal enjoyment or corporate and incentive events. As Liven Up continues to innovate and lead in providing luxury experiences on the French Riviera, The Agency remains dedicated to propelling their digital presence forward, engaging with audiences worldwide to celebrate the art of luxury travel.


Direct Boat tours Booked in 2023

Social Exposure

Targeting thoses who matters

Crafting a sophisticated social media strategy to engage potential clients along the Riviera, Liven Up positions itself as the premier choice for experiencing the quintessential Riviera lifestyle through its supercar driving experiences. Our approach is centered on delivering authentic content that captures the essence of Monaco, employing a meticulously curated hashtag strategy, and implementing robust community engagement practices. This comprehensive digital marketing plan is designed to showcase the exclusivity and allure of the Riviera, drawing tourists into the luxurious world of Liven Up.

New Website & Digital Marketing

Generating Online Sales

The strategic overhaul and optimization of Liven Up’s website played a pivotal role in significantly enhancing its digital marketing effectiveness, leading to a remarkable achievement of over 200 boat rentals and a substantial volume of driving experience bookings in 2023. By implementing an array of cutting-edge SEO practices, the website’s visibility surged, ensuring it ranked prominently in search engine results for relevant queries. This visibility was crucial in capturing the attention of potential clients actively seeking luxury experiences on the French Riviera. In addition to SEO enhancements, the website’s redesign focused on improving user experience (UX), making navigation intuitive and the booking process seamless. High-quality visuals and engaging content were integrated to vividly showcase the unique offerings of Liven Up, from breathtaking boat rentals to exhilarating supercar driving experiences. This approach not only attracted visitors but also effectively communicated the essence of the luxury and exclusivity that Liven Up represents.


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