Business Case: Moana Yachting

Objective: To revitalize Moana Yachting’s online presence and drive high-value yacht sales through an enhanced website and comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Background and Challenge: Moana Yachting, a burgeoning yacht brokerage firm based in Cannes, faced the challenge of making a mark in the competitive luxury yacht brokerage industry. The objective was to not only enhance their digital visibility but also to facilitate high-value transactions. Moana Yachting partnered with The Agency to overhaul their website and implement a digital marketing strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. Website Redesign: The Agency developed a new, sophisticated website for Moana Yachting, focusing on showcasing their luxury yachts with high-quality visuals and user-friendly navigation.
  2. Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy: This strategy encompassed:
    • SEO: Implementing search engine optimization to improve organic search visibility and reach potential clients actively searching for luxury yachts.
    • Targeted Online Advertising: Crafting and running online advertising campaigns, specifically aimed at high-net-worth individuals interested in yacht purchases.
    • Social Media Marketing: Engaging content and strategic social media campaigns were launched to build brand awareness and connect with potential buyers.


  • The revamped website and digital marketing efforts significantly increased Moana Yachting’s online exposure and customer engagement.
  • A major success was the sale of “Evil Zana,” a 131′ Sunseeker Predator, to a Middle Eastern client, a transaction directly attributed to the new digital strategy.
  • This sale not only marked a significant milestone for Moana Yachting but also demonstrated the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy in reaching and engaging with an international clientele.

Conclusion: The partnership between Moana Yachting and The Agency resulted in a definitive breakthrough for the firm in the luxury yacht brokerage market. The successful sale of the Sunseeker Predator underscored the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy and website overhaul. This case exemplifies how targeted digital efforts can lead to substantial results in the luxury yacht sales industry and highlights The Agency’s expertise in elevating the digital presence of emerging firms in the luxury market.