Amico & Co

Amico & Co, with its esteemed position as one of the premier refit and repair centers for super and megayachts globally, has been a valued and longstanding client of The Agency. Nestled in the historic naval city of Genoa along the picturesque Ligurian coast of Italy, Amico & Co offers a comprehensive suite of services. Their expertise ranges from minor paintwork refreshes to major yacht conversions and intricate lengthening projects, some of which extend beyond 12 months. The yard is adept at accommodating an array of yacht types and sizes, including the most advanced large sailboats and specializes in the meticulous care and restoration of classic and antique yachts. Our partnership with Amico & Co underscores our commitment to supporting their unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise through strategic digital marketing efforts, enhancing their visibility and reputation across the yachting community.


SEM & Social Media Management

The Agency plays a pivotal role in the digital marketing strategy of Amico & Co, expertly managing both their search engine marketing efforts and their social media presence. Our consultancy focuses on crafting communications tailored to the unique needs and interests of superyacht owners, captains, and managers. Leveraging our considerable expertise in the superyacht refit sector, our team delivers insightful and strategic marketing solutions designed to elevate Amico & Co’s brand visibility and engagement within this niche market. Through a combination of sophisticated search engine optimization techniques and dynamic social media management, The Agency ensures that Amico & Co maintains a prominent online presence, effectively reaching and resonating with their targeted audience.

Content Creation


The Agency undertook an extensive photography project to enhance the visual representation of the shipyard, dispatching our lead photographer to Genova for this purpose. The project encompassed aerial photography to capture the expansive layout and infrastructure, along with a comprehensive portfolio of the facility’s features and numerous detailed shots. These images were meticulously curated to support and elevate the marketing initiatives of the company, providing a rich visual narrative that underscores the breadth and depth of the shipyard’s capabilities and facilities. This professional and strategic approach to visual content significantly bolsters the company’s marketing efforts, offering a compelling glimpse into its operational excellence and craftsmanship.



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