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Press Relationship

Engage with journalists to communicate your brand

Our relations with luxury publications are without parallels, with members of our team that have owned and worked for some of the main media for years. Our consultants and specialized content writers have been involved with SuperYacht Times, Boat International, Superyacht Group, Vogue, Grazia, Elle. They provide targeted and optimized content to expend the customers reach and in the aim to generate leads. Thus contributing to increase the visibility of our clients’ brand and product as well as improving their following base.

Social Media Influencers

Leverage your social medias

Social Media Influencers allow a brand to generate both strong attention as well as retaining a consistent following base. Over the years we have collaborated with a wide array of social media influencers, contributing to increasing the visibility of our clients. This is improving their acquired following base. Using traditional yachting influencers, such as The Yacht Guy, shooting with yacht spotters, such as Julien Hubert, collaborating with videographers such as David Seal or Jared Watney, yields very cost-effective results. A blend of social media influencers and journalists can generate a spike of interest in your brand, ideal to promote a product launch or new service. Unlike traditional print media, serious prospects can easily be retained within the following audience, allowing retargeting campaigns in the future.

Featured Projects


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