Born in the South of France, Julien rapidly grew a passion for yachting. He quickly blended his photography talents with his passion and became one of the most prolific yacht spotters of the French Riviera building an Instagram 35k followers strong. While studying at KEDGE BS, in Bordeaux, his first opportunity to professionally photograph a yacht arose with a major US brokerage requesting him to capture a 40m yacht based in Cannes. Continuing his career as a photographer and student he went on to intern at SuperYacht Times, where he was dedicated to yacht intelligence, analysing the brokerage and new build market. Barely graduated from KEDGE BS with a Master’s degree, he went on to continue his training as a marketing intern in one of the world’s largest yachting companies headquartered in Monaco. After finishing this learning period he joined TWW bringing with him a strong of experience, from multiple aspects of the industry.