Dedicated Charter Yacht Marketing

In an ever more demanding charter market, owners want the best from their brokerage houses and charterers are searching for the finest experiences. The Agency works with some of the most exigent brokerage houses to promote yachts to the highest level, creating long-lasting experiences for their clients. 

The first impression of the yacht is always the photos and videos. The photoshoot of the yacht is paramount to market the vessel properly. Our photographers have experience on dozens of yachts, creating unique content for the largest brokerage houses in the world. They will provide you with aerial, lifestyle and interior photos and videos, with edits to fit social media. Our copywriters can also assist a broker in writing the brochure and introduction of the yacht to journalistic standards. Our designers will also create for the brokers all the sales materials required for such a vessel, including brochure & specifications, broker friendly and branded. 

Once the content is created we start building a dedicated website that will be used as an online brochure for the yacht and a lead generation tool. The broker friendly website is the digital identity of the yacht, easily maintained by the charter manager directly or the consultants from The Agency. The website offers plenty of content on the different accommodations, interior & exterior spaces, the water toys, the chef’s menus, the destinations as well as the different crew aboard. 

Introducing the yacht to new potential clients means digital marketing. Your clients are currently on the market searching for their next holidays, most likely using all the tools at their disposal. To undercut your competition, we advertise your yacht before the clients reach other brokerage houses or MLS. Using Google to its fullest we promote your yacht to users interested in chartering a yacht in the areas the yacht will be cruising. 

To maintain contact with your charterers our consultants maintain high-quality social media for superyachts generating quality leads from prospects and keeping the yacht in the mind of the previous guests.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our consultants to get more information on these services and start pushing your CAs forward.