The Goldsingers are a Monaco entertainment act. They create for prestigious clients a unique live music experience that is specifically tailored to their event, be it an intimate private party, corporate function, or wedding celebration. Wherever the event is being held and whatever the size, Goldsingers will create an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Dedicated Website

A new SEO optimised website

The company needed to be able to advertise their services online and introduce themselves in the utmost style. The agency created a custom website, SEO optimised within just a few weeks to improve the client brand image.

Video Based Social Medias

An Engaging Platform

The social medias of the Goldsingers have been pushed to promote more and more videos to a very targeted audience. From agencies to potential clients, the social medias are targeting a wide range of individuals.



Crafting a prestigious and distinguished brand image to promote your company to those who matter.