Photoshoot for La Vigie

Capturing the Essence of La Vigie: A Photographic Journey by The Agency

The Agency recently had the privilege of conducting a photo shoot at the iconic La Vigie, a historic waterfront villa in Antibes with a storied past. Once owned by the renowned Jay Gould and a residence for the legendary artist Picasso, this villa exudes a unique blend of historical significance and artistic legacy. Our objective was to capture the essence of La Vigie, highlighting its exquisite architecture, breathtaking sea views, and the timeless elegance that pervades its spaces. Utilizing a team of skilled photographers, we employed a mix of natural and artistic lighting to accentuate the villa’s features, from the intricate details of its interior design to the majestic beauty of its surroundings. The resulting images are not just photographs; they are stories told through the lens, evoking a sense of luxury, heritage, and artistic flair that La Vigie embodies. These visuals serve as powerful marketing tools, inviting potential buyers and enthusiasts to experience a piece of history and luxury in one of the Riviera’s most prestigious properties.