Raised in South of France Anastasia studied advanced economy and luxury marketing in England and Monaco. Ten years ago, she already felt that the world’s economy was shifting toward digitalization of most services and thus applied to numerous internship as an e.commerce executive in luxury fashion and high-end cosmetics. Following this impulse, during her studies back in 2012, she built her own company in cosmetics distribution and generated most of her sales through social media. After her graduation, she co-founded a Marketing consultancy company with her family. She lived in several cities around in Europe where she worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant and social media manager in tourism, hospitality, SASS, fashion, and nautic industry.

With the desire to go back to Monaco, she always wanted to work in yachting since university. She took the opportunity to come back to Le Rocher a couple of years ago and started to work closely with yachts brokers and brokerage providing social media management and digital branding and web optimization. Anastasia always worked closely with salesforce and is used to design digital campaign, she covers a wide variety of support, from videos to custom web page and social media campaign to help luxury companies sell their product and services.

Anastasia native language is French. She is also bilingual in English and Spanish. During her spare time, Anastasia spends a crazy amount of time on social media and following online trends.